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Israel has humbled herself and the Nations have embraced her.

If you are Christian, follow your Christian heart.

In Jesus Holy Name

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Please Help Rescue Endangered Jews
Before It Is Too Late!

Dear Fred,

“I had to cover my kippah with a cap to be safe in public,” Lev, a young Jew from Paris told us. “And I worried that someone would kill my daughter at her school.”

Because of your gifts, there were seats for Lev’s family on an On Wings of Eagles-sponsored Freedom Flight to Israel. This husband and father was overcome with gratitude. “Thank you for helping us leave the fear and terror behind!

His gratitude to you echoes my own. And I want you to see how prophetic his words proved to be!

You see, Lev brought his family to Israel BEFORE both the kosher supermarket attack that killed four, and the heinous Charlie Hebdo massacre that left the people of Paris paralyzed with fear.

This fear and terror is being felt today by other French Jews pleading for a seat on our next aliyah flight from Paris. And we are adding other emergency airlifts from Moldova, Turkey, Venezuela, Spain, and beyond besides the flights rescuing refugees from the tragedy in Ukraine.

Fred, vicious hatred of Jews is spreading across the globe as Islamic terrorists slaughter the innocent. We must rescue every immigrant possible from these troubled lands!

Any amount you can give right now – whether $35, $175, or even $350 or more – will help ensure that every last seat on the next Freedom Flight this month is filled with an immigrant who is fleeing grave danger.

Lives are hanging in the balance, so please make your lifesaving contribution today and help bring as many Jews as possible to safety in the Holy Land. God bless you for taking part in this prophetic work.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President

PS  As anti-Semitic hatred grows, we must HEED THE PROPHETIC CALL to help Jewish people immigrate to their biblical homeland. Please prayerfully make your most generous gift today to rescue one more person with no place else to turn.


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“We Are Israelis…We Fight Back”

from Rabbi Eckstein

Terror attacks motivated by hate and radical Islamist ideals have become disturbingly common, the latest in the past week at an Ohio deli owned by an Arab-Israeli Christian. But, like the deli owner, we must continue to have faith and bravery, and to pray for the day that God will bless us with shalom, peace.


What Happens When French Jews Make It to Israel?

In a Newsweek article about increased aliyah (immigration to Israel) from France, Rabbi Eckstein discussed the current trend and The Fellowship's efforts.


Tefillin: Bound to God

In this month's Limmud Bible study, the lessons we learn about a prayer ritual can teach us to live more intentionally, with greater meaning, and bound to God.


Bibi Welcomes His Third Grandbaby

This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became a grandfather for the third time, as his daughter welcomed a girl into the world.


Anti-Semitic Terror

Lev and his family left fear and terror behind in France when they took a Fellowship Freedom Flight to Israel. Learn how you can help with these important flights.


Recent Media


IFCJ continues to help Jews from the four corners of the world make aliyah. This week, members of Turkey's ancient Jewish community returned home to the Holy Land.

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A Double Blessing in Aliyah

2/19/2016 7:48 PM EST

Dear Lover of Israel,

Vladimir and his wife, Ludmila, were on the very first Fellowship Freedom Flight from Ukraine.

When they boarded that initial flight in Kiev, we did not know Vladimir would soon be facing a life-threatening medical condition. But thanks to expert care in their new home of Netanya, Israel, he was treated successfully for a clogged artery that could have easily taken his life.

Finding such care in war-ravaged Ukraine would have been very difficult—if not impossible!

In tearful gratitude, Ludmila wrote us to say: “Thank you! We owe Vladimir’s life to you. I can’t tell you how happy we are to be in Israel. God bless you all.”

Fred, be blessed by this news of a life saved.

And today, that is why I ask you to help provide even more freedom airlifts bringing Jews out of lands of danger and hatred in answer to the biblical prophecy, “I will beckon to the nations…they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their hips” (Isaiah 49:22).

Freedom Flights are being planned for the former Soviet Union, South America, Europe, and Arab lands. We must act with urgency as Jews in distressed countries face the ravages of war, deadly terrorism, and vicious anti-Semitism.

That is why I ask you to give your most generous gift to The Fellowship today. With your help, we can reach even more vulnerable Jews who are seeking to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel).

This sacred and prophetic effort is a significant commitment that is only possible with your help. Please send your gift today.

I look forward to your compassionate and faithful response.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President

PS   Be assured your support helps Jews living in fear and danger receive the priceless gift of new life in Israel. So as God provides, please give your very best to help fulfill this prophetic calling, returning needy Jews to their biblical homeland. Thank you!


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